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  • upload task is interrupted error

    Hi, I'm keep getting  'Flash: The upload task is interrupted! io Error #2038 in IE 7 and html5: upload task interrupted error in Chrome  when file size exceeds 100KB in  my production environment. Is this something to do with  License or some config issue or a bug ? Please help. Thanks in ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by Nad on July 12, 2012
  • Unknown Result On second image upload (not multiple files mode)

    I get an ''Unknown Result'' message along with the source code thrown back at me.  The curious part is that all works perfectly when I select my first image and upload (for most part) - then if I re-do the image upload for a second image I get this message and for any subsequent tries. The CueUI declaration is very simple:   ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by rohitohuji on July 4, 2012
  • Upload button works only after second press + Javascript errors

    Hello, I've been playing around with the Ajax upload control, it is the one in the downloadable package in the ''Framework 2.0-Csharp'' folder. Especially   I have been testing with Demo 6 ''Large file upload'', since that is what we want to use it for in our company. I am using the latest Chrome for my testing, and IIS 7 with .NET ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by antiflu on July 2, 2012
  • localization

    Is it possible to change the message when an file to upload is to large ?I would like to support more languages.
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by hvogels on June 9, 2012
  • Remove button does not work properly

    Hi,    I am using the CuteWebUI:UploadAttachments to upload multiple files. On uploading there is no problem but on removing a file, it is not consistent. sometimes it works and sometime it doesn't. the functions DeleteAttachment(index) and DeleteAllAttachment() I have added the required permission to the UploaderTemp ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by hamed415 on June 4, 2012
  • How to detect a cancel upload event

    Hi all, My company is investigating the ajax uploader as a possible solution for our site.  Our requirements are that it needs to be able to use sqlfilestream on the backend with no temporary files on the server.  I've been able to get it working perfectly using a custom uploadprovider which copies the data off of the incoming ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by mtaute on March 22, 2012
  • Ajax Uploader Start-uploading-manually and validate page controls with out using javascript

    hi.. i am planning to buy the ajax uploader for i want to start uploading the file using the button control using the ajax uploader.(manual option) is it possible? i set the property   ManualStartUpload=''true'' and i used the button in my page i have used the required field validator to ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by gopalnivas on March 6, 2012
  • SLM error:Error:File not exists!

    Hi, I am using trial version of ajax uploader for multiple file upload. I am facing 'SLM error:Error:File not exists!' error from two days before it was working fine. So, I have downloaded new LICENSE file to test it but it again fail. And the same LICENSE is working fine in other machine, this machine has same OS as my ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by Abidali on February 18, 2012
  • Need help resolving SLM error:12029

    A user on our website is receiving a message from Windows Internet Explorer when they attempt to upload a file (via Ajax Uploader).  The message reads,''SLM Error:12029''.  What does this message mean and what can I do to resolve it?   Thanks for your attention to my problem!
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by RebeccaRude on January 24, 2012
  • Ajax Uploader in Updatepanel

    Hi,I am new in this forum.I want to use the Ajax Uploder but i want to know that  Is Ajax Uploader  is working in Update Panel or not.Accually i want to use it in Update Panel shoa I wan tthat it is working in update panel or not.Thanks in advance for reply.
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by ManishDubey1987 on September 6, 2011
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