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  • Pasting table from Excel and table tags descriptions

    1. We are having an issue with pasting a table from Excel 2010. If we are using IE 9 and copy a table in from Excel, the following code is copied over within the table ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by cw3 on April 1, 2013
  • Javascript error in IE7 and IE8 when using Ajax to get Editor

    I have an C# page that adds the editor programmatically:   protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {       RTE.Editor ed = new RTE.Editor();       ed.ID = "myEditor";       Page.Controls.Add(ed); }   This works fine in IE7 ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by DanielBarratt on January 29, 2013
  • Font Size and RTE in IE

    I have two strange issues:    1. This began happening when I changed the ContentCss property to set the editable area to my stylesheet. In Design view my font looks like this:   but the font is still about 11px when any font size is selected. In Source view:      it is correct and when posted to my page I see ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by astearns on November 20, 2012
  • Extraneous HTML in Chrome and IE9

    Hi,   When going back and forth between Normal and HTML, cute editor is putting extraneous characters in the HTML view.  I am using the current 6.6 version.  I am entering "test" in both scenarios below.   For IE9:   <div>test</div>   For Chrome: test<div ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for PHP (Forum) by dunroamins on September 11, 2012
  • Invalid Argument in IE but not other browsers

    Can't figure out what's going on here, I'm going through and methodically pulling out code but it's still not working.  I've got the latest DDL, I've tried to debug but the code is very cryptic.  The examples on the site work fine but not in the app.  Here's the error code:  Message: Invalid argument. Line: 1 Char: ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by vayhey on August 10, 2012
  • Re: IE 9 Bug Issue

    Dear Kenneth, I’m a colleague of Jermaine1 currently working on the problem. I removed the old Cuteeditor folder, downloaded the newest version you linked, and uploaded it. I still get the ‘trying to close the window’ pop-up in IE9. Chrome works fine. When testing the EnableAll.php page in IE9 I do not experience any ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for PHP (Forum) by Tknippenberg on July 6, 2012
  • Need help resolving SLM error:12029

    A user on our website is receiving a message from Windows Internet Explorer when they attempt to upload a file (via Ajax Uploader).  The message reads,''SLM Error:12029''.  What does this message mean and what can I do to resolve it?   Thanks for your attention to my problem!
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by RebeccaRude on January 24, 2012
  • IE8 / Vista: no refresh after fileupload

    This appears to work fine in the latest Firefox, but in IE8 on Vista when uploading a new image file to replace an old one, there is no automatic refresh and it appears as if the original file was never overwritten. I'm assuming that there is a Javascript hiccup somewhere for IE.
    Posted to Cute Editor for PHP (Forum) by Cassiopeia on May 30, 2011
  • incorrect IE stylesheet source

    The following pages have the IE stylesheet source referenced incorrectly - it should be ''../Style/IE.css'': Searching for: IE.css cuteeditor_files\Dialogs\Clean.php(15): <link href=''../style/IE.css'' type=''text/css'' rel=''stylesheet'' /> cuteeditor_files\Dialogs\Find.php(15): <link href=''../style/IE.css'' type=''text/css'' ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for PHP (Forum) by Cassiopeia on November 19, 2010
  • CuteChat in IE8

    Does anyone know if there are any compatibility issues with CuteChat 4 and Internet Explorer 8? It works fine on 7, but on 8 it throws a javascript error and doesnt display the chat frame.
    Posted to Cute Chat and Cute Web Messenger (Forum) by keiranvv on August 5, 2009
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