Extraneous HTML in Chrome and IE9

  •  09-11-2012, 4:09 PM

    Extraneous HTML in Chrome and IE9



    When going back and forth between Normal and HTML, cute editor is putting extraneous characters in the HTML view.  I am using the current 6.6 version.  I am entering "test" in both scenarios below.


    For IE9: 



    For Chrome:

    <div id="LCS_336D0C35_8A85_403a_B9D2_65C292C39087_communicationDiv"></div>


    And this is what gets passed to the Javascript API.  My 2 problems with this is I can not tell if the textarea is empty and I am saving that extraneous tags into my database.  Please let me know if this can be corrected with the current version.




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