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  • Re: IE9 and Operator Error

    Hi CuteSoft and Community, just wanted to report back that the upgrade went well. After changing the server version as well as the client operator the strange characters that were being output have disappeared,   Regards, John C.    
    Posted to Cute Live Support (Forum) by JohnC on August 2, 2012
  • Re: IE9 and Operator Error

    Hi Kenneth, thanks for the links and advice. We have upgraded a single Operator and after restarting the application, iisreset, we are seeing strange characters coming through in the chat window such as; ^4div style='font-family^2;font-size^2;color^2'^5Hi - This is blah blah blah... Additionally operators did not seem to be able to ...
    Posted to Cute Live Support (Forum) by JohnC on June 21, 2012
  • IE9 and Operator Error

    Hi Community and Support, I purchased a 10 domain Small Business Licence around June 2010, I am only using two domains as of yet, these two were deployed towards the end of 2010, for some time now we have been aware of an issue with IE9 and the operator client giving an error message if IE9 was installed on an operator machine, we have got around ...
    Posted to Cute Live Support (Forum) by JohnC on June 19, 2012
  • My own Windows client application?

    Hello!   Me need write my own windows client application. This need for easy using application my emploees. Windows client writing with using XML Web Service API. Where I can see specification of this API?   NEED write new client application and full replace existing application ... How can I do this?
    Posted to Cute Live Support (Forum) by Virt on May 28, 2009