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  • Automatic insertion of <div> tag around pasted text

    I tried searching through the forum posts, and the closest thread I could find was this: But, it didn't answer the question of why text pasted in a blank editor will get surrounded by div tags. We just updated to the newest version of the editor, and in the older version, the text was inserted without ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by A-Damage on February 25, 2011
  • UseHTMLEntities Property

    Can anyone tell me what is the actual use of UseHTMLEntities property with example ?
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by aalap on April 1, 2010
  • Largest file size?

    We're using the editor at Now we've gotten an extremely large file -- about 130 pages in Word (1.4 MB). Cleaned up HTML makes it 501 KB. Is this file too large to be used with the CuteEditor?   Your help is greatly appreciated.   Kathleen Ely Web Developer Office of the Montana Secretary of ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by kately on May 8, 2009
  • External CSS File

    Hello i have a question: i have one html file with an external css file.   i add flowing tag to cute editor with HTML source: <link href=''Style.css'' type=text/css rel=stylesheet> but cute editor v6.0 hang!!   how can load page + external css file with cute editor?   any solution? - norton  
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by norton on November 10, 2008
  • HELP!!! CuteEditor.Convertor.PDF.HTML2PDF Memory Render Issue [System.OutOfMemoryException]

    Hi There   When I try to render the below html into pdf it render method throws a System.OutOfMemoryException exception. If I us simple html that is limited to only a couple chars it renders the pdf without any hickups. It doesn't matter which server or machine I test it on, there still seems to be an issue. Is there a known memory leak ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by hobo86 on August 27, 2007
  • Adding a default template

    Hi,   I would like to add a default template to the editor. That is when the user enters the page were the editor is, he will get the template I want him to fill.   Thanks, Oren
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by orenlevy on August 18, 2007
  • Flash code being deleted when switching between Normal and HTML mode

    Hello, I have the latest version of the cute editor, 6.0.  I am trying to link to a flash file.  In the HTML code, I put in this code:   <object width=''425'' height=''350''><param name=''movie'' value=''''></param><param name=''wmode'' ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by theJerm on April 25, 2007