Automatic insertion of <div> tag around pasted text

  •  02-25-2011, 2:41 PM

    Automatic insertion of <div> tag around pasted text

    I tried searching through the forum posts, and the closest thread I could find was this:

    But, it didn't answer the question of why text pasted in a blank editor will get surrounded by div tags. We just updated to the newest version of the editor, and in the older version, the text was inserted without any tags surrounding the text—no div, p, or any other type of HTML tags. Remember, this is before any formatting of text is applied, and before pressing the enter key for any breaks in content.

    If multiple paragraphs were copied from Notepad, the editor used to paste the text with only line breaks (<br />) for separators, and the entire block of text had no tags at all surrounding it. Now, the editor automatically throws div tags around the text, which we absolutely cannot have.

    Is there a way to change the settings so that it works how it use to, without throwing any tags around the pasted in text?

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