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  • Renaming File

    I want to rename my files as they upload to remove any spaces from the file name and replace them with underscores ( _ ). Thanks,Jesse
    Posted to PHP File Uploader (Forum) by stoi2m1 on August 22, 2010
  • File rename

    Hi,   I would like to add a code to the name of the uploaded file. Ho can i do this ?    Peter  
    Posted to PHP File Uploader (Forum) by pragmeta on July 12, 2010
  • Adding date-time as prefix to the uploading files.

    I would like to upload the files during session wise. i.e when i upload files on a specific session period, it would automatically create a directory named like(2009-11-17,04.30pm) under the root directory ''savefiles''. Then The files would uploaded to their respective session directories with their file name and a prefix of that session,i.e for ...
    Posted to PHP File Uploader (Forum) by ashutoshrath on November 19, 2009
  • Couple errors in upload_handler.php and include_phpuploader.php

    I clicked the ''Insert Image'' icon. When I used the upload form at the bottom right of that box, it said it uploaded the file, but then displayed this error in the box:   Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in D:\Web Sites\\httpdocs\bin\components\cute_editor\Dialogs\upload_handler.php on line 77   I went into ...
    Posted to PHP File Uploader (Forum) by johndubya on October 21, 2009