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  • Capturing input in javascript

    Hi,   I am using Cute Editor to save information in the database. Before it is actually saved I'm using javascript to format the information. Since the page is generated using an XML i'm providing the cute editor as pure HTML.   I'm facing a problem when I use javascript onclick on a button to access the information ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for ASP (Forum) by Himantha on October 24, 2007
  • Re: No More JavaScript API in 6.0??

    i've been using a popup window to populate my content in the textarea of the Editor.  So you can use the <%=editor.ClientID%>, but it doesn't help you if you're trying to access the CuteEditor from another page (or popup window).  So  you can still use the javascript API, but instead of using :   var editor1 = ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for ASP (Forum) by lbklatzkin on May 15, 2007
  • Re: Error Messege

    I tried the <script> tag to try and run that part as VB but I get errors this way also. Here is what I have...<script src=''CuteEditor_Files/include_CuteEditor.asp'' language=''vbscript'' runat=''server''><%Dim editorSet editor = New CuteEditoreditor.ID = ''Story''editor.Text = ''Hello World''editor.Width = ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for ASP (Forum) by Eivo on January 9, 2007
  • Check if the Editor is empty using javascript

    Hi, I need a javascript function that will check if the editor has been left empty? 1. How do you do this? 2. Please supply example code appreciate this, Gary
    Posted to Cute Editor for ASP (Forum) by gbminnock on November 29, 2006