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  • Can not Upload files in Multiple Systems at the Same Time

    Hi,   We are using CUTEWEBUI Uploader to Upload files to the FTP server it was working nice if we use Single System to upload the files but if we use multiple systems to Upload the files it is showing the following Error in any one of the System which is Uploading the file.We had specified the Web Config key for the Temporary Folder ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by Rkumar1 on March 18, 2014
  • TempDirectory not working properly

    I am using AjaxUploader control. I want to use TempDirectory property. Below is the source code for that : <CuteWebUI:UploadPersistedFile runat=''server'' ID=''PersistedFile1'' InsertText=''Upload File''   TempDirectory=''~/temp''                        ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by shahromil88 on November 15, 2011
  • UploaderTEMP

    I've just download Ajax Upload to be used with MVC 2. Samples for MVC2-CSharp project work fine in local, except that directory where temp files are created is C:\Users\Juan\AppData\Local\Temp\AjaxUploaderTemp\, where Juan is the name of the user of the computer, instead of using UploaderTemp project path.   When I publish the project to a ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by peelmicro on November 11, 2010
  • Upload using alternative user premissions/credentials

    Hello How can I specify alternative user credentials for the Ajax Uploader to use when accessing the TempDirectory? We have technical requirement to be able to specify a directory for which the aspnet account does not have permission. But I can't find any options to be able to set a an alternative user name and password to use. 
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by DanMcCoy on July 12, 2010
  • Error when TempDdirectory property is not set up

    Hi,   Our project environment is using web load balancer (Round Robin) with multiple web servers.   Thus, we cannot specify temp folder because as the request would go to LB first and LB would direct the request to one of the Web servers. We do not know which web server will serve the request.   Is there an option to NOT use ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by hongMel on May 18, 2010
  • Uploading files are going to C: drive

    Hi    When i upload a file server from outside over Internet it is consuming C: Drive space even though i mention           TempDirectory =''~/UploaderTemp''       i am surprise that it is not going to C:\Windows\Temp\AjaxUploaderTemp       i am not able to ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by PrabhudattaTripathy on March 30, 2009
  • TempDirectory does not seem to work

    Hi For several security reasons, I need to set the TempDirectory to a folder that cannot be accessed through HTTP.To do that, i use     oUploadAttachments.TempDirectory = @''d:\myTempFolder\'';  The upload runs correctly and the file is created in ''d:\myTempFolder\'' But just after that a ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by el.c. on March 2, 2009