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  • selection to node

    Is it possible to get the first node from editor.GetRangePreviewHTML(); or get the selected node from the editor. I have made a custom element so to speak and I want to check the selection so that when you select this element you still get the same dialog but you edit the node instead of wrap it with the same node.   For example I have ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by marvin on January 7, 2014
  • Re: Option tag gets mangel when pasting HTML

    Hi Any news regarding select/options bug? I tride on your demosite (  to build an select dropdown with the dialog, browser: IE10 and Chrome 30 It look like this <select style='margin:0px;width:120px' name="test">   ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by KentM on October 20, 2013