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  • Re: Scrolling issue with Old Web Messenger

    Hi, i am also facing this issue and would like to know how can the user be shown the last message when they navigate from one tab to other. The scrolling down is very annoying specially when chatting to large no. of users. I am using Version 5.0 with IE 8 on Win XP(SP2) / Win server 2003. Please let me know the solution....would appreciate an ...
    Posted to Cute Chat and Cute Web Messenger (Forum) by CuteChatUser26 on March 19, 2010
  • Re: Integrate Chat to an existing website developed in VB

    Hi Ken,   I just purchase a license and I'm trying to understand all your documentation so I can integrate chat into my website which is written VB. I was able to ran the sampleportal5 solution and converted it to VS2008.  Can you provide an example how to embed chat into a VB web page? It will really help me get a good start. ...
    Posted to Cute Chat and Cute Web Messenger (Forum) by moligane on January 4, 2010
  • Question regarding customization.

    We want to customize the cute chat module to add our own logic for who can join a chat as follows:  Have a place for email address and nickname each time someone wants to join an online chat.If the nickname is taken and is active (not idle for XX minutes), then allow the user to join that chat room, else bouce user back.  I have the ...
    Posted to Cute Chat and Cute Web Messenger (Forum) by tickerme on March 3, 2009