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  • Unicode characters in RTF output

       Greetings.   I have noticed that if I paste some text with a unicode character in it  ( “ for example ), it will put the proper code character in the HTML, however, if you save that to RTF (using the SaveRTF method), it will put the text “ in the RTF.  When you open the RTF in word or something, it will ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by cbeuker on November 18, 2010
  • CuteEditor in Ajax ModalPopupExtender- How to fix file dialog showed behind modalPopup

    If you ever experience the following problem using Cute Editor in a Ajax ModalPoupExtender:  Any file dialogs are showed behind the popup that contains the cute editor, just update the cssclass  adding a z-index value as follows:  <AjaxControlToolkit:ModalPopupExtender … BackgroundCssClass=''modalBackground'' … ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by shirlymp on May 25, 2010
  • How do you get the URL type not to overird the Image Gallery path?

    No matter what I do to  try and set the image gallery path the Editor.URLType over rides it.  If I set the URLType to default the link button on the toolbar will work the way I want it but when I use the image upload/insert or the file insert then the source that points to the files becomes relative and I am not storign the files and ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by Larryluv33 on March 18, 2010
  • Cute Editor Width and Height

    hi,    Can we Set Height and width for cute editor's Test Area(Body) using c# server side code.    Can we set margins for cute editor's body using c# server side code.    Can we add and remove Scrollbars dynamically to the Cute Editor using c# server side code.   Anybody help me to ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by Sathakmusthafa on October 29, 2008
  • PDF question

    Hi, cuteEditor provides the function to create PDF file, it's amazing, but anybody know how to define the text format, image format etc in PDF file, I find generated PDF file does not recognise some css sign like margin, so I can not position for text and image in PDF file, anybody can help me? thanks lot Steven
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by stevenye2008 on October 28, 2008
  • Add a Class to a UL

    Hi   I am having trouble adding a CSS class to a UL   I created a UL list eg dgddsad dsadasd dsadsad dasdad html <ul>     <li>dgddsad</li>     <li>dsadasd</li>     <li>dsadsad</li>     ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by Zarrdex on September 2, 2008