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Language issues

Last post 08-15-2014, 8:57 AM by Kenneth. 3 replies.
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  •  08-06-2014, 10:11 AM 80389

    Language issues

     Hi there,

    i have found some language issues in the dutch cute-editor. And they can also be applied here:  (select Dutch)


     1. If you click search/replace the you will have ":" twice after "zoeken naar" (search for)

          this can fixed in the Language xml

    2. If you use search replace and you are at the end of the document or haven't filled the field yet the popup is english

    3. search function is still English 

    4. spellingchecker checks dutch spelling but the popup shows only English texts.


    It looks like some texts are just not meant to be translated is there anything I can do about this?  I can change it myself but then everytime after an update I have to apply those changes.


    Regs Bart

  •  08-07-2014, 10:16 AM 80390 in reply to 80389

    Re: Language issues



    1.  Please open file CuteSoft_Client\CuteEditor\Languages\nl-NL.xml and find section below, remove the : from the text setting will fix this problem.


      <resource name="Find what">Zoeken naar:</resource> 


    2. This message is hard code in js fileCuteSoft_Client\CuteEditor\Scripts\Dialog\Dialog_Find.js, it is not based on the language file, so if you want to change this text, you need to change it in this js file directly.  you can search keyword below to find the message from the js file.


    Finished Searching the document. Would you like to start again from the top? 


    3. Which search function you mean? Can you explain it in detail?


    4. You can custom the spell checker pop up message from file \CuteSoft_Client\CuteEditor\Scripts\spell.js, same as question 2.





  •  08-15-2014, 4:50 AM 80401 in reply to 80390

    Re: Language issues

     Hi Kenneth,


    I'm not sure about 3 anymore, I think  this is about the popups being shown, the same as point 2 I guess.

    Point 1 I indeed can fix,

    the problem with the other 2 is that the user can choose his language. So if I translate to dutch I still have the same issue for users who are using the english translation.





  •  08-15-2014, 8:57 AM 80402 in reply to 80401

    Re: Language issues

    yes you are right, but for now only has this way to change these messages, it has no way to change it  Dynamically. I will report this problem to the development team, once issue is fix, I will keep you posted.





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