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Background-image url is being changed

Last post 03-02-2012, 7:43 AM by Kenneth. 1 replies.
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  •  03-01-2012, 7:12 AM 73273

    Background-image url is being changed

    When i paste the below text into the HTML view of the editor, then switch to normal and back to html view the background url is being changed. I am getting a full url of the editing website being added with %22 and an extra set of double quotes appears at the end of the url. If you do it a second time then the background url is removed. I have tested this on the current demo in IE9. Any chance of a fix to stop this happening?
    1. <div class="oneColumn columnCentre">  
    2. <ul class="grid">  
    3.     <li>  
    4.     <h3>  
    5.     <a href="/AttendEvent.aspx">Attend an event</a></h3>  
    6.     <a style="background-position: 50% 50%; border: 1px solid rgb(217, 217, 217); width: 100%; height: 57px; display: block;background-image: url(previewfile.ashx?id=285);" href="/AttendEvent.aspx"></a>  
    7.     <p>  
    8.     Find out more about Armed Forces Day events</p>  
    9.     </li>  
    10.     <li style="margin-right: 0px;">  
    11.     <h3>  
    12.     <a href="/HoldAParty.aspx">Hold a party</a></h3>  
    13.     <a style="background-position: 50% 50%; border: 1px solid rgb(217, 217, 217); width: 100%; height: 57px; display: block;background-image: url(previewfile.ashx?id=288);"  href="/HoldAParty.aspx"></a>  
    14.     <p>  
    15.     From picnics to parties, there is no better way to celebrate the Armed Forces than a get together with family and friends.</p>  
    16.     </li>  
    17.     <li class="clear">  
    18.     <h3>  
    19.     <a href="/Party-packs.aspx">Buy your AFD goodies</a></h3>  
    20.     <a style="background-position: 50% 50%; border: 1px solid rgb(217, 217, 217); width: 100%; height: 57px; display: block;background-image: url(previewfile.ashx?id=286);"  href="/Party-packs.aspx"></a>  
    21.     <p>  
    22.     Turn your world red, white and blue with Armed Forces Day flags, bunting, banners and handwavers.</p>  
    23.     </li>  
    24.     <li style="margin-right: 0px;">  
    25.     <h3>  
    26.     <a href="/Facebook.aspx">Support us online</a></h3>  
    27.     <a style="background-position: 100% 50%; border: 1px solid rgb(217, 217, 217); width: 100%; height: 57px; display: block;background-image: url(previewfile.ashx?id=289);"  href="/Facebook.aspx"></a>  
    28.     <p>  
    29.     Become a member of our <a href="/Facebook.aspx">vibrant online community</a>.</p>  
    30.     </li>  
    31.     <li class="clear">  
    32.     <h3>  
    33.     <a href="/MessagesSupport.aspx">Leave a message</a></h3>  
    34.     <a style="background-position: 100% 50%; border: 1px solid rgb(217, 217, 217); width: 100%; height: 57px; display: block;background-image: url(previewfile.ashx?id=290);"  href="/MessagesSupport.aspx"></a>  
    35.     <p>  
    36.     Who are you supporting on Armed Forces Day? Leave a message, then share it with friends and family.</p>  
    37.     </li>  
    38.     <li style="margin-right: 0px;">  
    39.     <h3>  
    40.     <a id="ctl00_columnCentre_A13" href="/KeepInTouch.aspx">Sign up and stay in touch</a></h3>  
    41.     <a style="background-position: 50% 50%; border: 1px solid rgb(217, 217, 217); width: 100%; height: 57px; display: block;background-image: url(previewfile.ashx?id=287);"  href="/KeepInTouch.aspx"></a>  
    42.     <p>  
    43.     Sign-up to be the first to receive updates about Armed Forces Day</p>  
    44.     </li>  
    45. </ul>  
    46. </div>  
  •  03-02-2012, 7:43 AM 73286 in reply to 73273

    Re: Background-image url is being changed

    Hi AndyFel, 

    We can reproduce this. I've logged it. And will report to our development team. Once issue is resolved, I will keep you posted.

    For now you can try the html filter solution below 
    Add the html filter below to the bottom of your editor page. The red part change it to yours
    <script type="text/javascript">      
    function CuteEditor_FilterHTML(editor,code)   
        return code.split("url(http://localhost:14980/Editor/%22").join("url(");
    function CuteEditor_FilterCode(editor,code)   
        return code.split("url(http://localhost:14980/Editor/%22").join("url("); 
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