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Duplicates Uploaded files

Last post 02-05-2009, 1:25 AM by jberney22. 4 replies.
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  •  02-03-2009, 5:27 PM 48329

    Duplicates Uploaded files


     I'm having a problem...I get duplicates upload when I do the following.

    First I upload  documents once they show on the grid..I upload another document. The problem is when I upload for the second adds the original  documents that i've already added plus the new add file. Is there a solution to this? Here my code...
    <CuteWebUI:Uploader ID="Uploader2" runat="server" MultipleFilesUpload="true"
                                              onfileuploaded="Uploader2_FileUploaded" >
                                                                            <VALIDATEOPTION AllowedFileExtensions="jpeg, jpg" MaxSizeKB="102400" />

    here the event..

     protected void Uploader2_FileUploaded(object sender, UploaderEventArgs args)
            string newname = "myfile." + args.FileGuid + "." + args.FileName + ".resx";
            Photo ph = new Photo();
            ph.PhotoGuid = args.FileGuid;
            ph.PhotoName = args.FileName;
            ph.PhotoTempName = newname;
            ph.AccidentID = 0;

            int exec = AccidentDAO.AddPhoto(ph);
            args.CopyTo(Path.Combine(Utils.GetFileDirectory2(), newname));

    Thanks In Advance

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  •  02-03-2009, 9:55 PM 48334 in reply to 48329

    Re: Duplicates Uploaded files

    Do you using AJAX ?
    I think there should be something to prevent the uploader reset it status, or let uploader restore the old hidden data.
    Please try args.MoveTo , once the file have been removed, the uploader would not fired the event again.
    That should help you fix that issue, but we still need find the real reason.
  •  02-04-2009, 9:40 AM 48360 in reply to 48334

    Re: Duplicates Uploaded files

     I'll try that and let you know.
  •  02-05-2009, 1:03 AM 48398 in reply to 48360

    Re: Duplicates Uploaded files

    Hello Terry,
     Yes that works but now i can't delete any of the files that I've uploaded. Any Ideas?
  •  02-05-2009, 1:25 AM 48399 in reply to 48398

    Re: Duplicates Uploaded files

    Nevermind. My EnabledViewstate on my gridview is set to false. Thanks again.
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