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Image Editor vs database

Last post 12-12-2008, 7:07 AM by Markuz. 4 replies.
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  •  12-02-2008, 2:55 PM 46489

    Image Editor vs database

    Dear Cutesoft,
    I'm running Cutesoft Editor 6.2, and store my images in a SQL-database.
    To achieve this, I have created an implementation of the CuteEditor.Impl.FileStorage.
    Everything works okay, except the image editor.
    Our CMS uses a HttpHandler to pull the images out of the database and then streams them to the browser. The images have a url-prefix "/cmsfiles/etc". This 'cmsfiles' folder doesn't exists on the filesystem, so I receive a DirectoryNotFoundException when i try to load an image in the image editor.
    When clicking "Image Editor" I see the following request
    Because in the second request, the "F"-parameter is empty, thus an exception is thrown at imageeditor.aspx in line 25
    DrawShow dw = new DrawShow(drawid, filepath, action, parameters, gid);
    What's is the correct solution to achieve image editing with files from a database, let's say 'virtual images'?
    Please help me out with this one.
    Thanks in advance,
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  •  12-02-2008, 9:08 PM 46494 in reply to 46489

    Re: Image Editor vs database

    Can you post your implementation code ?
    I can help you to check it.
    Or you can send it to my mail terry @
  •  12-03-2008, 2:21 AM 46500 in reply to 46494

    Re: Image Editor vs database

    Hi Terry, 

    I send you an e-mail with two classes.
    HTMLField.cs à custom class for our CMS, which instantiate the editor dynamically into the page.
    HTMLFieldDatabaseConnection à The implementation of the “FileStore”.

    The last one is still under construction, but I think it’s good enough for testing and to be used with the image editor.

    I hope you’ll find something.


  •  12-05-2008, 4:16 AM 46607 in reply to 46500

    Re: Image Editor vs database


    We have checked your code.
    It seems that much functions are not be implemented.

    You can check our example code in the attachments.
    It would show you how to implement each methods.

    Hi Terry,
    There are indeed some functions that I don't have implemented, but that's on purpose. I don't want my users to be able to rename files of copy directories. My code is based on your example-code, so sending that same example doesn't help me any further :-).
    In the "/imageeditor_showimage.aspx" you guys have developed the following code

    string filepath = this.Page.Request.QueryString.Get("filepath");

    if (filepath != "")




    DrawShow dw = new DrawShow

    (drawid, filepath, action, parameters, gid);

    The server.MapPath only uses the filesystem, so with your code i'm never able to achieve to functionality to edit an image with your editor. My files (and probably from all your customers) don't exist on the filesystem. When I edit your code to pass a full Url/Uri in the Drawshow-constructor, I receive an error as I expected : URI formats are not supported.
    Can you confirm that the provided example is able to use the image-editor with a byte-stream from the database?
    I debugged my code (all methods in my implementation), and none of the (not implemented) methods are being called when opening the image-editor. So I'm convinced that not implementing everything is the problem.
    I hope that you or a somebody else can help me out on this one.
    Thanks again,
  •  12-12-2008, 7:07 AM 46851 in reply to 46607

    Re: Image Editor vs database

    I received the following answer from CuteSoft


    We are still invesgating on this issue.

    One concolution is that , the ImageEditor do not use the FileStorage. because it's integrated from another project.
    So now we are considering make the ImageEditor use FileStorage too.


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