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  •  05-06-2008, 4:12 PM 40115

    EditorWysiwygModeCss Feature

    Is there a way to use the EditorWysiwygModeCss function (or some other function) and select which specific class you want to use for the editor content.  Currently, when I use that feature it utilized the entire css and many of the sites have background colors or images set for the body tag and then the content style is in a div with a white background.  When I go to edit the page using EditorWysiwygModeCss, the text is in the right style but the body background style shows up and conflicts becuase it should be on a white background.  Is there a work-around for this?
  •  05-07-2008, 2:31 PM 40177 in reply to 40115

    Re: EditorWysiwygModeCss Feature

    Please use the following property:

    Editor.DisableClassList Property

    The class items in the CssClass dropdown needed to be disabled going to this string. Example DisableClassList="BreadCrumb, TopicMenu, Footer"


    This features is not supported yet.

    Example Code

               Dim editor
               Set editor = New CuteEditor
               editor.ID = "Editor1"
               'The class items in the CssClass dropdown needed to be disabled going to this string.
               editor.DisableClassList ="BreadCrumb, TopicMenu, Footer"
               editor.Text = "Hello World"

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  •  05-09-2008, 4:40 PM 40257 in reply to 40177

    Re: EditorWysiwygModeCss Feature

    I'm a bit confused.  What does it mean that 'This feature is not supported yet.'?  Does that mean it won't work?  Also, I'm not sure if it is addressing my problem.  The body style is not showing up in the ClassList drop down anyway.  In fact, I have the ClassList drop down completely disabled so it doesn't show up at all.  I just have the EditorWysiwygModeCss feature activated so the editor content area uses the dynamic css file.  I just don't want it to read the body style?  I did try what you recommended and it didn't seem to work.  I'm not sure if it is becuase it's not supported yet or just not the right solution?
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