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Typical Business Scenarios

Visitors and/or community members can chat with each other in real time using only their web browser. Gives people a good reason to keep coming back to your site. Make money by selling banner ads on your room.

Case I - Chat Community

To boost the web sites traffic, organizations need to build an online chat community so that web surfers will return to their web sites frequently in order to chat with other users.

Organizations require the chat software to be robust and simple. The chat software must allow the administrator to be able to kick abusive users and create a profanity filter list to prevent undesirable words from being broadcast to every other users in the chat.

Case II - Customer Support (Check Cute Live Support)

Organizations need a chat application that will offer real time customer support to the customers. Organizations want to have a simple "Click here for assistance" image button on the web site.

The chat software must be able to have as many customer support representatives as possible. The representative must be notified by an audio alert each time a customer clicks the image button for assistance.

Case III - Moderated or Celebrity Chat Events

Chat room moderators have complete control over an ongoing chat session; they can approve or discard messages before they reach the audience. When you moderate a room, all user messages are sent to the moderator window message queue. Highlight a message and click the Approve button (green) to have this message posted to the audience. Click the Discard button (red) to remove the message from the queue, without posting it.


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