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Moderated Chat

Do you plan to provide your online community with access to visiting celebrities or guest speakers? Would you like to conduct distance learning forums where a teacher can address questions and comments from multiple individuals simultaneously? Cute Chat's moderated chat function is all you need and more.

A Moderated-Chat is for online chat events with a speaker and a group of audience, in which comments and questions submitted by regular participants can't go public unless the Moderator or Admin approves them.

When a regular participant types a question, it will be sent to the chat moderator. The moderator checks every question that comes through and selects appropriate questions and comments for the speakers to respond to during the chat. Questions will appear in the chat room as they are answered by the speaker.

Moderated chat

User Levels of Moderated Chat

There are four kinds of users in a Moderated-Chat room:

  1. Admin - Screens questions, and designate moderator and speaker for all rooms.
  2. Moderator - Moderates chat by screening questions in the current room.
  3. Speaker - Give speech or answers questions.
  4. User - Asks question and reads responses.

How Moderated-Chat works?

1. Moderator can active moderated chat function using context menu or simply type "/MODERATE" in the chat input box.

Active Moderated chat

2. Once Moderated-Chat is activated in a room, everybody in current room will be notified with the message "Moderator activated moderated chat function. That means that your messages won't appear until a moderator approves it." After that, newcomer to the room will be informed with the message "This is a moderated chat room. That means that your messages won't appear until a moderator approves it."

Active Moderated chat

3. Once Moderated Chat is activated, ordinary users may no longer submit messages directly to the chat lobby.

Moderated Chat

4. The Admin or Moderator then filters the questions, selecting those most relevant to the chat, forward them to the guest Speaker as well as everybody in current room.

filters the questions

Features highlights

  1. Moderated chat or unmoderated chat switch.
  2. It's organized chat, the public chit-chat is disabled and comments can not be published until sanctioned by moderator/admin.
  3. The chat history log is recorded and can be shared in the community.
  4. Moderator/admin can pass the messages, and kick the annoying users out.
  5. Flood control and swear words filter.
  6. File Transfer allows users to share photos, documents and more.

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