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Installing Cute Chat & Web Messenger standalone

Cute Chat & Web Messengert standalone version is very easy to install and use. It also can be integrated seamlessly with your own .NET applications. If you want to integrate with an existing user membership database, please check the document.


Unzip the zip file and create an application or virtual directory pointing it to the 'CutechatStandalone\Web' folder (located in the archive).

  • Run the "SQLScripts\CutechatStandalone.sql" script against your SQL Server to create the necessary tables.
  • Update the web.config to use your custom connection string.
    <add key="ConnectionString" value="server=(local);database=CutechatStandalone;uid=test;pwd=test"/>

Configurating Cute Chat /Cute WebMessenger

This guide shows the steps to configure Cute Chat and Cute Web Messenger standalone application.

1. Log in as "admin", add one or more chat rooms to your site.

Log in as "admin" using the default admin credentials, click the chat admin button.

The default admin credentials are:
UserName: admin
Password: admin

In the Cute Chat Administration Console, add one or more chat rooms to your site.

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2. Customizing Settings

If necessary, use the Configuration Settings tab to configure a number of different settings that affect the appearance and the functionality of the Chat Room.

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