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  • DIV issue in IE7

    Hi, There is some issue on IE7 when working with DIV element. If you set some attributes to a DIV and click on the enter button, it will  create a new DIV and assigns all the attributes of the previous DIV to the New DIV. But in Mozilla it is working fine, it won't assign attributes of the old DIV to the new DIV . In your demo site also ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by prasanthr on March 17, 2010
  • Weird Editor Display Issue

    Hello   Was just wondering if anyone had experienced a similar issue to this.   We have a custom-built CMS that uses CuteEditor to allow the client to enter their html formatted text. From our Admin section, the user clicks on a link to fire the Editor panel, adds their text and saves the text back to a field, which is then saved ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by tumblebug on May 26, 2009
  • CuteEditor_for_NET6 is working very slowly !?!

    Hello,   I have downloaded the last version, but when I test it, it works very slowly!   When I type a text (or any combination like CTRL+HOME, SHIFT+END, ...), it takes 1 second per key to response! ie:       <input name=''txt01'' id=''txt01'' type=''text'' ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by IRIS on June 5, 2007
  • Re: Context Menu positioning bug in 6.0 in div

    I'm reviewing using Cute Editor for a few of our applications and am experiencing this same issue.  In fact, I can duplicate the issue just by composing this forum message.  I am using IE7.  It seems to work fine in Mozilla and Opera though.  The problem seems to get worse the more one scrolls.
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by gracy on May 25, 2007
  • Re: When version 6.0 becomes availble?

    I also hope the new version comes out soon, but (and this is directed at parentpj) give the poor chap a break.  He is dealing with two major changes to his target audience (IE7 and Microsoft AJAX) and thus has much to do, and very little time to do it.  That said, Adam, don't let my easygoing spirit slow you down.  Call out the ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by vanderar on March 8, 2007
  • User unable to use any toolbars - Javascript error.

    Hi,   I have a problem with 2 out of about 20 user sites are running a system has CuteSoft Editor integrated into it.   Basically, none of the options on the toolbar work at all and when the page is loaded they are getting an error: ''Permission denied''.   Although I can't recreate the problem, i am lucky that there is a good ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by mobeus on November 16, 2006
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