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  • Focus on others controls when CuteEditor is present?

    Hi, &nbsp; Why I can't set focus (VS 2005 -&gt; Page.SetFocus)&nbsp;to others controls on my page when I use CuteEditor on the page? &nbsp;Is it normal that when I use&nbsp;CuteEditor on my form, the page loading is very long (5 seconds)? Yes It's a good editor but too long to load when using complete layout. It's my opinion. Thanks Dominic
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by smondoux on January 10, 2006
  • Normal,HTML,Preview button with client script

    Hi, Is it possilble to write client script&#160;on Normal,HTML,Preview button? &#160;ThanksStephane
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by smondoux on January 2, 2005
  • Re: CuteEditor with HTTPS

    This is the solution : 1. Open the following file: CuteSoft_Client/CuteEditor/Configuration/Shared/Common.config 2. Remove all the example code which points to CuteSoft site. For example, remove this: &lt;html&gt;&lt;![CDATA[&lt;img border=0 align='absMiddle' src='' /&gt; CuteSoft]]&gt;&lt;/html&gt; ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by smondoux on December 29, 2004
  • CuteEditor with HTTPS

    Hi,&#160;Why when I host the CuteEditor control within a secure Web Site,&#160;I always have a error : This page contains both secure and nonsecure item. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?&#160;ThanksDominic
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by smondoux on December 29, 2004
  • Problem with CuteSoft_Client folder

    Hi, My Application are not installed with the default pattern like (http://localhost/MyApp). On my production server, the physical path of my application is ''c:\MyApp and the URL is The problem is that the CuteEditor don't find the CuteSoft_Client Directory. I have put this Directory in : &#160;MyApp&#160; (c:\MyApp) ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for .NET (Forum) by smondoux on December 28, 2004
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