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  • Upload to Database

    For the ASP Uploader, is there an example for uploading into a database?&nbsp; &nbsp; I saw one for the Ajax Uploader, but can&#39;t find an exampe for ASP Uploader.
    Posted to ASP Uploader (Forum) by CMTietgen on March 16, 2018
  • IE Issue - Blank Line After Inserting Table

    Is there a way to get to a blank line after inserting a new table in IE10? &nbsp; For example, if I run your demo in IE10 or IE11 and clear the editor, then insert a table I can&#39;t get to the line below the table. &nbsp; If I do the same thing in Chrome and Firefox, I can get to the line after the table so that I can continue entering ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for ASP (Forum) by CMTietgen on June 28, 2016
  • Editor not working in IE10 Mode

    Hello, &nbsp; We&#39;re using your ASP Editor in a Classic ASP page embedded in an MVC application. The site has a meta tag forcing IE10 mode and your editor doesn&#39;t work properly in that mode. &nbsp; For example, the editor buttons don&#39;t work and you can&#39;t type into the editor. We&#39;re using the latest version of the ...
    Posted to Cute Editor for ASP (Forum) by CMTietgen on June 17, 2016
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