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  • Re: copy files from uploader to invisible uploader

    Dear Eric, &nbsp; found it, however, this is not what i am looking for. I think you assume that after the user has filled in some data en selected the file, i want to upload it. But that's not the intention, because the files can be up to 400 mb, I want that the user is able to select each time 1 file, but start uploading when the user has a ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by Roetje on September 29, 2010
  • copy files from uploader to invisible uploader

    hello, &nbsp; Is it possible to copy the selected files from one to another uploader? I can't find any documentation about that in javascript. &nbsp; I want my users to fill in some (meta)data and select 1 file, this file has to go to the other uploader then, where the user finally can select wich files need to be uploaded to the server. ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by Roetje on September 29, 2010
  • remove event

    iis it possible to edit/debug the remove function?? &nbsp; With manually upload; after you have selected the files, you can still remove them. Is it possible to edit this remove function of disable it?
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by Roetje on May 18, 2010
  • After (ajax) fileupload webpage/form disappears

    Hey guys, &nbsp; I had een trial licence, after receiving a new licence file, and placed, the file upload worked again, except for the fact that the page/form&nbsp;disappears after all files have been uploaded. If I put the old licince file back, i get (offcourse) the error that the trial version has expired. Is there something wrong with the ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by Roetje on April 13, 2010
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