DNN 3.1 - Image/Downloadable Files Directory

  •  08-03-2005, 9:35 AM

    DNN 3.1 - Image/Downloadable Files Directory

    I downloaded the NukeEdit trial a couple of days ago and am testing it out with DNN3.1.  I don't understand how to configure the directory to select images/downloadable files from and also the one to allow uploads to.

    At the moment when I am logged in using a non administrator account and select either the downloadable files or one of the images buttons in the editor it opens up in /portals/#/members (#=portal ID) and does this even if I have specified view and write permissions for the security role the user is a member of. 

    What I would like to be able to have happen is that the users can select from images & files in /portals/# and subdirs but only upload to thier own directory. Or select only from /portals/# with no upload rights.  Can/How do I do this?

    Am I right in thinking that if I put a .config file in /providers/HtmlEditorProviders/CEHtmlEditorProvider/CuteSoft_Client/CuteEditor/Configuration/Security that matches the security role (i.e Role called author config file called author.config) that this will set the CuteEditor settings for users in that role?


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