The time has been reduced to black desert

  •  06-27-2016, 2:21 AM

    The time has been reduced to black desert

    The time has been reduced to  BDO Items when crafting items in a main residential area.
    Node name has been shortened so that so that original node can be seen in crafting notes.
    [Practice] Lynch Cannon assembly set, which can be purchased from guild shop has been added.
    Only practice cannonball can be used for [Practice] Lynch Cannon.
    [Practice] Lynch Cannon cannot be used during the siege war, and [Practice] Lynch Cannon that were installed before the war, they will be destroyed when the siege war starts.
    It will be automatically destroyed after 30 min. of installation.
    It cannot be withdraw once it is installed.
    When a player logs off on a horse they will now log in dismounted.

    Knowledge can be gained via talking to the NPC in case where knowledge couldn’t be gained although NPC(Shanjo, Leph, Franklin, Chopio, and Yasopi) were found they found NPC.

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