Multiple Licenses Same Machine = File Name Based License Rejection?

  •  01-17-2014, 5:12 PM

    Multiple Licenses Same Machine = File Name Based License Rejection?



    We've had the IP license version of ASP Uploader in use for quite some time and it works great with our main domain


    Recently we moved one of our web based products to it's own sub domain ( on the same physical machine but it had to have a different IP address due to it having it's own SSL certificate.  Therefore, we had to purchase another license and purchased the domain license for this implementation.


    The current active site (the one with IP license) and the "in development" not yet released site (the one with the domain license) share the same file names (not the same physical files/file locations, just the same file names running under a different FQDN/IP.


    The two different license files are applied to the two different locations. I confirmed the license on the new domain via the sample files within the zip and they worked fine. However, our files would not work on the new domain, they would only work on the existing domain/ip.


    After much troubleshooting, I discovered that the files on the new domain would work without throwing an expired license error IF I changed the filename of the file. I.E. UploadFiles.asp would work on the original IP licensed FQDN but UploadFiles.asp would NOT work on the new domain licensed FQDN.  I renamed the latter file UploadFiles2.asp and it worked without throwing a license exception.


    Is this normal? Or is this a bug? Stinks that I lost a couple of hours trouble  shooting and also not super excited about changing file names when they exist on two different hard drive locations and two different FQDN and IP's on the same computer but I guess it is what it is.

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