Re: FileItem vs PathItem

  •  12-09-2013, 10:37 PM

    Re: FileItem vs PathItem

    Dear frJericho , 


    RTE8's file provider is changed for supporting the multiple storage . 


    And file url is joined at client side , by 3 parts :


    1 - public override string GetUrlPrefix(Storage zone) of the custom EditorFileProvider 

        for example , "/uploads" ,  "/download.ashx?file="

    2 - public override string GetUrlPath(FolderID folderid) of the custom EditorFileProvider 

       for example , "/" , "/subfolder/" 

    3 - PathItem.Name

       for example "hello.jpg" 


    so the full url is  /download.ashx?file=/subfolder/hello.jpg 


    If you implement something like download.ashx for it , it need to parse the /subfolder/hello.jpg , and find the real file data to download.





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