Re: Cute_Ajax_Uploader Initialized event error.

  •  11-12-2013, 6:29 AM

    Re: Cute_Ajax_Uploader Initialized event error.

    First of all thanks for your reply.


    I made changes for configuration as you mentioned above and remove link of Resources.uploader.js. Bingoo!! its working fine. 

    But there is issue I observe I can select only one file in place of multiple even we set property MultipleFilesUpload="true". 


    This issue is observed in IE8, in IE9, Firefox, Chrome its working fine.


    In my machine IE browser which support mode upto IE10. In this case same issue raise on changing mode to IE8.

    When I test in another machince where browser mode supprot upto IE9.  In this case on changing mode IE8 it working fine.


    I also reset my machine brower. 


    Is any configuration related to IE8 to select multiple files for browser which support browser mode upto IE10. 


    Thanks in advance.

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