adding image to upload

  •  06-14-2013, 3:07 PM

    adding image to upload

    Hi. I'd like to add an image to click on and upload files instead of a button. This is my original code:

    I remove the code in RED  and add the code in GREEN but it doesn't work.

                Dim uploader
                Set uploader=new AspUploader

                uploader.InsertText="Click Here to Select Files (up to a maximum of 10 Megs)"


                uploader.MaxFilesLimitMsg="Your maximum number of files has been reached."
                uploader.MaxFilesLimit= allowpic

                <%=uploader.GetString() %>
                <br /><br /><br />
            <img id="uploadbutton" alt="Upload File" src="/graphics/uploadpic.png" />   

        <button id="submitbutton" onclick="doStart();return false;">START UPLOAD</button>
    <br><font color=black size=1>You may insert an optional watermark which will appear in the bottom of your photo:
    <br><input class=black type="text" size=22 maxlength=32 name="watermark">

    Help?? (I also need the onclick part in the working version) 

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