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  • Re: Operation Aborted error

    I have finally got to the bottom of this issue and reproduced the error.&nbsp;On the site where this is happening, there is a login.&nbsp; If the user does not log in to the site, the live support runs through http or non-secure page.&nbsp; However, if they do log in, then the live support will run through secure (https) site.&nbsp;We have set up ...
    Posted to Cute Live Support (Forum) by GStoneJHA on May 23, 2012
  • Re: Operation Aborted error

    Hi Ken,&nbsp;Thanks for the reply.&nbsp; I have sent you an email with the screenshots.&nbsp;Thanks.
    Posted to Cute Live Support (Forum) by GStoneJHA on May 17, 2012
  • Operation Aborted error

    Hi,&nbsp;One of our clients has sent us this error message that appeared when they tried to use the live support system on our site.&nbsp;A first dialog appeared with the message...&nbsp;Error on event : USER, Operation abortedat function _Sync_HandleSTCMessage(message){&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;followed by the code block for this function.}&nbsp;When ...
    Posted to Cute Live Support (Forum) by GStoneJHA on May 16, 2012
  • Operator message default font

    Hi,&nbsp;I would like to know how if it possible&nbsp;to set the default font of the operators message in the support client's window.&nbsp;&nbsp;At the minute, the font is something like Times New Roman which doesn't fit with the style of our site.&nbsp; I can set the size using the .UserMessage CSS class in SupportClient.css ...
    Posted to Cute Live Support (Forum) by GStoneJHA on March 29, 2012
  • Re: Non-admin operator not connecting

    Thank you, I am now able to add operators.&nbsp;I have reverted my code to my own membership system and entered the correct code required in the FindUserLoginName method.&nbsp; This is what I was missing.&nbsp; &nbsp;Thanks again.
    Posted to Cute Live Support (Forum) by GStoneJHA on November 8, 2011
  • Re: Non-admin operator not connecting

    Hi Ken,&nbsp;Sorry, I don't understand your reply.&nbsp; The system errors if a record does not exist in the CuteSoft4_SupportAgent table&nbsp;for a user which is non-admin.&nbsp; This is read by the operator client when the user logs in.&nbsp; &nbsp;Do you mean that there is a way of adding operators to the system if you are logged in as an admin ...
    Posted to Cute Live Support (Forum) by GStoneJHA on November 8, 2011
  • Re: Non-admin operator not connecting

    Hi Ken,&nbsp;Thanks for the reply.&nbsp;I tried what you have suggested by manually adding a record in to the CuteChat4_User table with the values UserId = 'User:usertest1', DisplayName='Test User 1'.&nbsp; I ran the system again and tried to log in but I still got the same error.&nbsp; So I removed the record that I added.&nbsp;I then ran a trace ...
    Posted to Cute Live Support (Forum) by GStoneJHA on November 8, 2011
  • Non-admin operator not connecting

    Hi,&nbsp;&nbsp;I am having an issue with live support client application.&nbsp; I have had no trouble in getting the system to work if I set all operators as admin users.&nbsp; However, when I set an operator to non-admin, I get the following error...&nbsp;&nbsp;Failed to connect to chat service:&nbsp; System.Exception: CONNECTION:ERROR, ...
    Posted to Cute Live Support (Forum) by GStoneJHA on November 7, 2011
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