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Failed to load the Configure file

Last post 02-28-2014, 8:47 AM by Chunky. 2 replies.
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  •  02-28-2014, 7:19 AM 79994

    Failed to load the Configure file


    Just upgraded to v6.6 and I am having issues.


    Its strange because its working ok from one directory and not from another which is 1 level below the other.

    Its giving me a "Failed to load the Configure file." error.


    for example, i have a file placed in the structure:

    d:/domains/wesitefolder/root/adminfolder/editingfile.asp (this works)

    d:/domains/wesitefolder/root/editingfile.asp (this does NOT work)

    Cute editor files sit here:



    Both files use the same editor markup, (in fact i've tried the exact same file (with editor path changed) in each folder and it works in one and not the other):


    Set editor = New CuteEditor

    editor.ID = "story"

    editor.Text = ""

    editor.EditorBodyStyle = "font:normal 12px arial;"

    editor.EditorWysiwygModeCss = "css/style.css"

    editor.AutoConfigure = "Forum"

    editor.ImageGalleryPath = "/Uploads"


    editor.Width = 620



    <!-- #include file = "../../../cuteeditor_files/include_CuteEditor.asp" --> (working)

    <!-- #include file = "../../cuteeditor_files/include_CuteEditor.asp" -->  (not working)


    Is there anything that is obviously causing the issue, i've tried the AutoConfigure standard options as well (Minimal, None, etc.) and its the same?


  •  02-28-2014, 8:16 AM 79997 in reply to 79994

    Re: Failed to load the Configure file



    Try set property "FilesPath" for the one which does not work. set the cuteeditor_files location for it.


    editor.FilesPath ="Manage/cuteeditor_files" 





  •  02-28-2014, 8:47 AM 79999 in reply to 79997

    Re: Failed to load the Configure file

    Now getting the grey background to the editor but with this error in the middle:


    ModuleIIS Web Core
    Error Code0x80070002
    Requested URL
    Physical PathD:\domains\websitefolder\root\cuteeditor_files\template.asp






    And boxes where graphics should be (normal, html, preview) 


    Looks like the physical path isn't correct, using:

    editor.FilesPath ="../../cuteeditor_files" 


    I would expect it to be: D:\domains\cuteeditor_files\template.asp (which would be correct) 

    Any other ideas?


    I can't understand why it would work from a sub folder but not the root folder if they are both asked to point to the same place.

    Do the cuteeditor_files folders need to be in a folder thats available from the web instead of in the servers domains root directory (no because the sub folder of a domain can use it ok!)?


    Or is that the problem, can you not deploy in that way?

    Do I need to copy the cuteeditor_files to every website I wish to use it on?


    Looks like that may be the case, the one that was working also have the cute editor_files folder there as well as in the root folder? 

    Can you confirm or deny please?

    Obviously if there is a way of having the files in one place that i can reference for each of the domains that require it that would be a great help? 


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