ASP.NET Live Support

Installing Cute Live Support for DNN 4 & 5

The following guide shows the steps to implement a Cute Live Support into DotNetNuke 6 application. If you haven't downloaded the software, please download the software copy from here.

1. Modify web.config file and Specify the CuteChat.DataDirectory
      <add key="CuteChat.DataDirectory" value="DesktopModules/CuteSoft_Client/CuteChat" />
2. Execute SQLScripts\cutechat5.sql against DNN database
  • Open your SQL Server Query Analyzer from within Enterprise Manager.
  • Once you have successfully connected to your SQL Server within query analyzer, open and execute the Chat SQL file(SQLScripts\cutechat4.sql) against DNN database.
3. Install the PA
  • Login to DNN web site as host, go to the host menu and select the Module Definitions.
  • Choose Upload New Module from the actions menu, Click the "Browse" button.
  • Browse to, press the Add and then the Upload New File link.
4. Deployment files to DNN solution.
  1. The DNNChatProvider.vb file under App_Code folder should be deployed to App_Code directory of your DNN installation.
  2. The license files (CuteLiveSupport.lic) under bin folder should be deployed to bin directory of your DNN installation.
  3. logo.ascx file under admin\skins folder should be deployed to admin\skins directory of your DNN installation.
  4. Global.asax should be deployed to the root of your DNN installation.
5. Modify CuteChatMail.config file to set up Email/SMTP Configuration.
        <add key="DefaultMailAddress" value="LiveSupport&lt;;" />
        <add key="SmtpServer" value="localhost" />
6. Installing Live Support Operator application.

The Live Support Operator application (LiveSupportOperatorClient.msi) should be installed on all operator's machines.

7. Logging in operator client using username "admin":

When you initially open the program you will see the screen below:

  • Web service Url: The Url of your website.
  • User name: The operator user name.
  • Password: The operator password.
  • Remember password: Check this box, if you want to save this password for next login.

You can set default value of Web service Url by editng LiveSupport.exe.config file.
<add key="CuteChatServiceUrlBase" value=""/>

Important note about Web service Url
You must upload your CuteSoft_client folder to this exact location. Otherwise your Live Chat will not function!

8. Create departments and assign DNN users as operators
  1. a. In the "Departments/Agents" panel, right click, click the "New Department" menu, then add departments.

  2. Select the department, right click, click the "New Agent" menu, then add new agents.

  3. If you want to remove the agent, please select the agent, right click, click the "Remove Agent" menu.