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  • Capture file names of images

    I work for county government and have developed a CMS using RTE. I need to be able to record the file names of images inserted into departments' pages. Here's what I have:    Protected Sub Uploader_FileUploaded(Sender As Object, args As RTE.UploadImageEventArgs) Handles Editor1.UploadImage     Dim ImgfileName ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by Davidson on August 13, 2015
  • RichTextEditor Javascript Api not working on mobile

    Hello   RichTextEditor Javascript Api is not working on mobile. It doesn't work on demo site as well. Following is the demo site link:    I have a requirement of manipulating the RichTextEditor content on client side. I have a dropdown list selecting which the ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by iFidelis on April 2, 2015
  • RichTextEditor on mobile - pressing backspace closes the browser

    Hello   When the content typed in RichTextEditor is cleared using backspace,  after the content is removed and one extra backspace is pressed then the browser closes.   This is reproducable on the demo site as well. I am facing this issue on Internet Explorer on Windows Phone.   Regards Raghav 
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by iFidelis on April 2, 2015
  • Re: RichTextEditor for Mobile

    Thanks Ken    I was able to update the RichTextEditor version and the mobile layout is updated as expected. However I have following 2 additional queries:   a. Can the images be uploaded in mobile version? If yes, how can I add the additional toolbar item for mobile version to allow uploading of images? b. How can I change the ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by iFidelis on November 20, 2014
  • RichTextEditor for Mobile

    Hello   I just noticed on RichTextEditor demo site that layout of RichTextEditor for mobile is changed. I would like to use the new layout. Can you please suggest how can I use the new layout which is used on the RichTextEditor demo site.    I tried downloading the latest version of RichTextEditor but, even using that also ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by iFidelis on November 19, 2014
  • Creating a Control Server Side

    I'm trying to create some Rich Text Editor controls server side (on page load) through .Net using "RTE.Editor rteSlide = new RTE.Editor();"   Whislt the controls are visible and seem to work as expected some toolbar items (image gallery, insert image, template, etc...) cause the following error: Control '{Control ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by danpc on September 26, 2014
  • update stausUI

    I've made a custom control that behaves like Bold Italic and Underline. The only thing I need is to make the UI change wenever focussed. I have the following setup in the ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by marvin on January 14, 2014
  • selection to node

    Is it possible to get the first node from editor.GetRangePreviewHTML(); or get the selected node from the editor. I have made a custom element so to speak and I want to check the selection so that when you select this element you still get the same dialog but you edit the node instead of wrap it with the same node.   For example I have ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by marvin on January 7, 2014
  • PasetText makes blank spaces to &nbsp,

    Hi The command PasteText makes &nsbp; of  blank spaces.   EX: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,   becomes  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,Is it posible to make it not conver blankspaces to   ? // Kent
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by KentM on October 22, 2013
  • Option tag gets mangel when pasting HTML

      If i paste   <select style='margin:0px;width:120px'> <option value="Test1">Test1</option> <option value="Test2">Test2</option> </select>   into the HTML view and then switch back to design view. The editor changes the html to <select ...
    Posted to Rich Text Editor for .NET and MVC (Forum) by KentM on July 10, 2013
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