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Unable to find the uploaded file

Last post 04-20-2016, 9:20 AM by Kenneth. 3 replies.
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  •  02-27-2014, 5:33 AM 79983

    Unable to find the uploaded file

     I am getting an intermittent problem when users are uploading using the Cutesoft Ajax uploader.

     An error message appears stating "Unable  to find the uploaded file in directory : C:\Windows\TEMP\AjaxUploaderTemp".

    Does anybody know why this is happening please? Thanks for your help. 

  •  02-27-2014, 8:03 AM 79986 in reply to 79983

    Re: Unable to find the uploaded file

    Hi MattFranklin,


    Please create a folder name "MyTemp" under your site root, and set it for the TempDirectory property like below. Then give the full permission to user "Everyone" of this folder and try again. It will fix this error.


      <CuteWebUI:UploadAttachments ID="uploader1" runat="server"  TempDirectory="~/MyTemp" >






  •  04-20-2016, 7:37 AM 83152 in reply to 79986

    Re: Unable to find the uploaded file

     I have already done that still its giving error for files say larger than 15MB.


    Error:  "Unable to find the uploaded file in directory : C:\inetpub\wwwroot\TestDragDropUpload\Uploads "


    Smaller files are uploading without error and are avaliable in specified upload folder.


    I have set in web.config - for large file upload -


          <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="1000000" executionTimeout="10800"/>
              <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="1073741824"/>


     Please help.


  •  04-20-2016, 9:20 AM 83153 in reply to 83152

    Re: Unable to find the uploaded file



    Please refer to  and set the "maxAllowedContentLength" setting from IIS directly instead of set in web.config. you also can find a debug file at the bottom of this page, it using the nromal upload control, you can try that file with a 30 MB file, if it gets problem too, that  means you did not set the large file upload settings correct for your site.





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