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tmp_name is not exists C:\WINDOWS\Temp\php...

Last post 03-21-2013, 12:13 PM by Kenneth. 3 replies.
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  •  01-27-2012, 4:33 AM 72840

    tmp_name is not exists C:\WINDOWS\Temp\php...

    We are getting this error
    Error:mkdir() [function.mkdir]: File exists , failed to make dir 'C:\WINDOWS\Temp/uploadertemp' , at D:\Website\xx\xx\cuteeditor_files\Dialogs\phpuploader\include_phpuploader.php line 199 
    We have hosted the site in IIS. I found on of your threads that gave solutions for fixing this. I followed them and included  $uploader->TempDirectory = "D:/Website/xx/xx/";
    in Dialog/upload.php
    Now the above error is no more but created another when trying to upload something. We get this error:
    Server side exception : failed to upload 1.jpg
    Debug Information:
    (1) tmp_name is not exists C:\WINDOWS\Temp\php24D.tmp 
     Need help urgently. We are running phphtmledit using license in most our clients and we need to fix ASAP. If you need any info from our side please email
  •  01-30-2012, 6:56 AM 72868 in reply to 72840

    Re: tmp_name is not exists C:\WINDOWS\Temp\php...

    Hi CrazyK,
    Please remove the code what you set for the  TempDirectory and follow the steps below to set it again.
    1. Open "cuteeditor_files\Dialogs\phpuploader\include_phpuploader.php",
    2. Search function "InternalGetTempDirectory" and add temporary directory setting here:
            function InternalGetTempDirectory()
          $dir="d:/temp1/temp1";//please change it to your actual temporary directory
          return $dir;
    If the method above does not solved the problem, then please check the permission of folder "C:\WINDOWS\Temp\", ensure that your site has write/read permission of it.
  •  03-20-2013, 2:13 PM 77076 in reply to 72868

    Re: tmp_name is not exists C:\WINDOWS\Temp\php...



    I looked into your suggestion but for some reason I still get the same error. What is puzzling me is that I cannot find where c:\windows\temp is defined to redirect it to another folder. Your help is highly appreciated.



  •  03-21-2013, 12:13 PM 77081 in reply to 77076

    Re: tmp_name is not exists C:\WINDOWS\Temp\php...

    Hi Abanar,


    The code I provided is the TempDiretory setting code.  


    By the wy, you can check your php.ini setting, ensure that you have set "upload_tmp_dir".





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