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PasteHTML on Firefox 3.6.9 and later

Last post 09-19-2010, 8:54 PM by Kenneth. 1 replies.
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  •  09-19-2010, 2:08 PM 64082

    PasteHTML on Firefox 3.6.9 and later

     I have a couple of custom buttons that pasteHTML <a> tags into the content, one does pasteHTML('<a href="https://absoluteurblah/blah/blah">Text</a>'); and the other does pasteHTML('<a href="{{PlaceHolder}}">Text</a>');
    Starting with Firefox version 3.6.9 neither of the buttons do what they're supposed to do. The former pasteHTML pastes the absolute url as relative ie. https://absoluteurblah/blah/blah becomes ../blah/ and the latter pasteHTML pastes the href property HTML encoded, ie <a href="{{PlaceHolder}}"> becomes <a href="%7B%7BPlaceHolder%7D%7D">
    Both unwanted transformations break things elsewhere, so is there a CuteEditor setting or a workaround to avoid it?
    I am using CuteEditor for .NET 6.6 altough the same thing happened on 6.4. Steps to reproduce:
     0. Install or upgrade to Firefox 3.6.9 or later
     1. Go to
     2.  type "javas cript:PasteHTML('<a href="{{PlaceHolder}}">Test</a>');" into the browser address bar without the space between s and c and without ""
     3. Press HTML to confirm HTML encoded href
    This didnt happen on Firefox 3.6.8 and it doesnt happen on IE or Chrome
  •  09-19-2010, 8:54 PM 64092 in reply to 64082

    Re: PasteHTML on Firefox 3.6.9 and later

    Hi hobohobo,
    Issue 1,
    Try set URLType="absolute".
         <CE:Editor ID="Editor1" runat="server" URLType="absolute">
    Issue 2,
    Add the code below into your page which contains CuteEditor
    1. <script>   
    2. function CuteEditor_FilterHTML(editor,code)   
    3. {   
    4.   return code.split("%7B%7B").join("{").split("%7D%7D").join("}");   
    5. }   
    6. function CuteEditor_FilterCode(editor,code)   
    7. {   
    8. return code.split("%7B%7B").join("{").split("%7D%7D").join("}");   
    9. }   
    10. </script>  
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