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NOCONNECTION ReturnCode occurs too often

Last post 01-05-2010, 11:56 AM by Hidden. 2 replies.
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  •  01-04-2010, 9:07 AM 58027

    NOCONNECTION ReturnCode occurs too often


    The problem is NOCONNECTION ReturnCode occurs too often (once per a few minutes).

    I have looked through disassembled code of your dlls and found that NOCONNECTION response code is returned when there is no corresponding connection in ChatConnectionCollection CuteChat.ChatPortal.c array.

    Connection can not be expired. We received <response QueuePosition="-1" ReturnCode="READY" ServerMessage=""><cookie ResponseId="39" ConnectionId="_29A" ConnectionKey="fc3e06f9-4939-4970-a52e-c9c7cdcf77b9" /></response> and the very next response (after 5 seconds) was: <response QueuePosition="-1" ReturnCode="NOCONNECTION" ServerMessage="conn-_29A"><cookie ResponseId="39" ConnectionId="_29A" ConnectionKey="fc3e06f9-4939-4970-a52e-c9c7cdcf77b9" /></response>.

    ChannelOnlineExpires is set to 600 seconds.

     Trace from EmbedChannel control:

    TRACE : Connecting.. Lobby-220

    TRACE : Connect_Callback . READY ,

    TRACE : STC:PLACE_UPDATED;;_1DA;lobby-220;Team 1 Ukraine;Lobby;0;0;0


    TRACE : STC:MYINFO_UPDATED;;USER;_29B;User:onemore;Taras Vyshybaj;Taras Vyshybaj;;0;0;1;ONLINE;BYCLIENT;;;;0;Normal


    TRACE : STC:CONTACT_UPDATED;;perestan neya;User:orlova;orlova;;

    TRACE : STC:CONTACT_UPDATED;;Domiges Jason;User:pose;pose;;

    TRACE : STC:CONTACT_UPDATED;;free;User:free;free;;

    TRACE : STC:ITEM_ADDED;;USER;_209;User:orlova;perestan neja;perestan neja;;0;0;1;ONLINE;BYCLIENT;;;;0;Normal

    TRACE : STC:SYS_INFO_MESSAGE;;Go to the forums to find your team forum and alot more information about Footballidentity: And for newcomers, check out this tutorial to see how matches work:

    TRACE : STC:ITEM_ADDED;;USER;_29B;User:onemore;Taras Vyshybaj;Taras Vyshybaj;;0;0;1;ONLINE;BYCLIENT;;;;0;Normal


    TRACE : STC:USER_MESSAGE;;;User:orlova;perestan neja;perestan neja 1;perestan neja

    TRACE : STC:USER_MESSAGE;;;User:orlova;perestan neja;perestan neja 2;perestan neja



    TRACE : _Sync_Return:NOCONNECTION:conn-_29A

    TRACE : Connecting..

    TRACE : Connect_Callback . READY ,

    The current situation is very annoying because 'The connection to the chat server is lost.' and other system info messages are shown every time the connection is lost.

    What is the reasons for ChatConnectionCollection item is removed so that we receive NOCONNECTION code?

    Your help will be very much appreciated.
  •  01-04-2010, 10:37 AM 58032 in reply to 58027

    Re: NOCONNECTION ReturnCode occurs too often

    The most possible reason is that the server process is recycled.
    please check the new number after the NOCONNECTION ,

    For example , you get _29A , that is a unique id of the object on the server.
    When you get NOCONNECTION , if you get a smaller id , that means the cutechat restarted.
    If so , the best way is find out why the server be reseted.
  •  01-05-2010, 11:56 AM 58055 in reply to 58032

    Re: NOCONNECTION ReturnCode occurs too often

    Thank you for the answer.
    "Recycle worker process (number of requests)" in App pool properties was set to 35000. I have disabled this option and it looks like it helped.

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