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Spellchecker does not start after pressing the spell-check button

Last post 02-01-2008, 10:38 AM by prucoder. 2 replies.
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  •  02-01-2008, 7:16 AM 36724

    Spellchecker does not start after pressing the spell-check button

    I am having difficulty getting the spell checker to work in CuteEditer and would appreciate some help.
    In the image (bottom), you will see that I am using CuteEditer in a DataList (on this particular page there will be only one instance of the editor, but one pages yet to code we will require multiple instances of the editor).
    I am using a custom tool menu (see mytools.config file below). This page uses UpdatePanels, and the dataList containing the editor is contained in an UpdatePanel with RenderMode="Block" and UpdateMode="Always".
    Below you should find all relivent information.
    I have included the following in my web.config
    This is how I declare the editor:
    <CE:Editor ID="rtbNameDataList" runat="server"





    Style="position: relative"

    Text="<%# Bind('Description') %>"




    <FrameStyle BackColor="White"






    Width="100%" />


    I have the relevant dlls in my bin folder 
    CuteEditer as displayed in a Datalist on my page:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>



    <item name="Editing" value="True"/>

    <item name="Format" value="True"/>



    <item type="g_start" />

    <item type="image" name="Save" postback="True" />

    <item type="image" name="Print" />

    <item type="image" name="Find" />

    <item type="image" name="ToFullPage" command="FullPage" imagename="fit" hotkey="F12" />

    <item type="image" name="FromFullPage" command="FullPage" imagename="restore" hotkey="F12" />

    <item type="image" name="Cut" />

    <item type="image" name="Copy" />

    <item type="image" name="Paste" />

    <item type="image" name="SelectAll" />

    <item type="image" name="SelectNone" />

    <item type="g_end" />



    <item type="g_start" />

    <item type="image" name="Bold" />

    <item type="image" name="Italic" />

    <item type="image" name="Underline" imagename="under" />

    <item type="separator" />

    <item type="image" name="JustifyLeft" imagename="left" />

    <item type="image" name="JustifyCenter" imagename="center" />

    <item type="image" name="JustifyRight" imagename="right" />

    <item type="image" name="Indent" imagename="indent" />

    <item type="image" name="Outdent" imagename="outdent" />

    <item type="separator" />

    <item type="image" name="Subscript" imagename="subscript" />

    <item type="image" name="Superscript" imagename="superscript" />

    <item type="ForeColor" />

    <item type="separator" />

    <item type="image" name="Find"/>

    <item type="separator" />

    <item type="image" name="RemoveFormat" imagename="unformat"/>

    <item typr="image" name="CleanCode" imagename="cleanup" />

    <item type="separator" />

    <item type="image" name="Undo" />

    <item type="image" name="Redo" />

    <item typr="image" name="Break"/>

    <item type="image" name="InsertChars" imagename="specialchar"/>

    <item type="separator" />

    <item type="image" name="InsertOrderedList" imagename="numlist"/>

    <item type="image" name="InsertUnorderedList" imagename="bullist"/>

    <item type="separator" />

    <item type="image" name="InsertLink" imagename="link"/>

    <item type="image" name="Unlink" imagename="unlink"/>

    <item type="image" name="InsertAnchor" imagename="anchor"/>

    <item type="separator" />

    <item type="image" name="PasteText" imagename="PasteText"/>

    <item type="image" name="PasteWord" imagename="Pasteword"/>

    <item type="image" name="PasteAsHTML" />

    <item type="separator" />

    <item type="image" name="netspell" imagename="spell"/>

    <item type="g_end" />


    </configuration >

    Many thanks for your help.
  •  02-01-2008, 9:19 AM 36730 in reply to 36724

    Re: Spellchecker does not start after pressing the spell-check button

    Delete this file Chat
    Web Messenger: wysiwyg editor:
    asp wysiwyg html editor: Image Gallery:
    Live Support:

  •  02-01-2008, 10:38 AM 36739 in reply to 36730

    Re: Spellchecker does not start after pressing the spell-check button

      Wow, worked a treat. Isn’t it amazing how you can spin your wheels on something that is trivial to fix :0)

    Thanks so much….

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