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Image Gallery page browsing vanished

Last post 09-03-2007, 8:49 AM by Stuart. 1 replies.
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  •  09-03-2007, 8:01 AM 33180

    Image Gallery page browsing vanished


    I'm using a .NET 2.0 website with Master Pages and have noticed something odd happening with CuteEditor's ImageGalleryByBrowsing page - the pager row along the bottom to allow me to view the next set of images when there are too many has vanished!

    There are hundreds of images in many folders. I tried setting the default Image path to a specific directory which only contained images but still have the problem (I thought maybe there was a limit to the number of folders it could browse). The previous site I created is basically identical for the code in this section and the pager row appears fine there. I can't quite figure out what setting I could change in my code (not CuteEditor's code) which would cause this anomaly.

    I have tried copying across the CuteEditor folders and settings from the other website into this one and it still doesn't work, which makes even less sense to me! InsertImage lets me see everything, albeit in list form but I want to use ImageGalleryByBrowsing.

    I'm using CuteEditor v6 (from late August 2007)

    Any ideas what is going on?

  •  09-03-2007, 8:49 AM 33181 in reply to 33180

    Re: Image Gallery page browsing vanished

    Fixed my own problem.

    I am using the CSS Control Adapters for Visual Studio and they were rewriting the data list in such a way which caused the page numbering to vanish totally. I'll see if I can modify the adapter to prevent this!

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