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Last post 11-14-2006, 1:07 AM by Adam. 1 replies.
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  •  11-14-2006, 1:02 AM 24314

    button size

    I have increased the width of button (image) to add text for description, but editor shows the button cramped. How can i have button to its new width?
  •  11-14-2006, 1:07 AM 24315 in reply to 24314

    Re: button size

    >>2. how can i increase the size of the images in the toolbar
    Please open toolbar configuration files first. The Cute Editor toolbar configuration files, which contain XML, specify the toolbar configuration information of the Cute Editor instance.
    To change the size of the built-in buttons, please change:

      <item type="g_start" />
      <item type="image" name="Save" postback="True" />
      <item type="image" name="New" imagename="newdoc" />
      <item type="image" name="Print" />
      <item type="image" name="preview" imagename="bspreview"/>
      <item type="image" name="Find" />
      <item type="image" name="ToFullPage" imagename="fit" hotkey="F12" />
      <item type="image" name="FromFullPage" imagename="restore" hotkey="F12" />
      <item type="g_start" />
      <item type="image" Width="23" Height="23" name="Save" postback="True" />
      <item type="image" Width="23" Height="23" name="New" imagename="newdoc" />
      <item type="image" Width="23" Height="23" name="Print" />
      <item type="image" Width="23" Height="23" name="preview" imagename="bspreview"/>
      <item type="image" Width="23" Height="23"  name="Find" />
      <item type="image" Width="23" Height="23" name="ToFullPage" imagename="fit" hotkey="F12" />
      <item type="image" Width="23" Height="23" name="FromFullPage" imagename="restore" hotkey="F12" />
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