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Integrating CuteChat problem with global.asax

Last post 07-19-2006, 5:49 PM by bareare. 5 replies.
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  •  07-08-2006, 10:32 AM 20823

    Integrating CuteChat problem with global.asax

    I have downloaded the Integration version.
    In VS c#, I get this in global.asax (and also a lot of compilation errors, I´m using codebehind and .net 2.0) (
    This attribute name must be followed by an equal (=) sign and a value.
    Error 103 Validation (ASP.Net): Attribute 'Implements' is not a valid attribute of element 'Application'. C:\Dokumenter\Visual Studio 2005\WebSites\Dating\Global.asax 3 5 C:\...\Dating\

    Could not load file or assembly 'CuteChatControls' or one of its dependencies
    I have updated path in web.config.


    <add key="CuteChat.DataDirectory" value="CuteChat" />

    <add key="CuteChat.ConnectionStringProvider" value="CuteChatControls.CommunityConnectionStringProvider,CuteChatControls" />



    <add name="ConnectionInfo" connectionString="Server=......... (and so on)
    GC.GetTotalMemory(true) 2 201 676
    DateTime.Now 08.07.2006 16:33:10 ( +2 )
    DN Version 2.0.50727.42
    OS Version Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2
    CurrentCulture nb-NO
    CurrentUICulture nb-NO
    ASP.NET - HTTP_HOST localhost:2127
    ASP.NET - SERVER_NAME localhost
    ASP.NET - App Virtual Path /Dating
    CuteChat Kernal Exception 0
    CuteChatConfig - UserAdapterType (null)
    CuteChatConfig - DataAdapterType (null)
  •  07-08-2006, 5:21 PM 20826 in reply to 20823

    Re: Integrating CuteChat problem with global.asax

    bareare :
    <add key="CuteChat.ConnectionStringProvider" value="CuteChatControls.CommunityConnectionStringProvider,CuteChatControls" />
    is for CuteChat2.0 .  You can remove it .
    Maybe you need to move the global.asax code and behide code to App_Code .
    Regards , Terry .
  •  07-18-2006, 6:54 PM 21046 in reply to 20826

    Re: Integrating CuteChat problem with global.asax

    I tried to move it to App_Code, but the example code is not valid c# code:
    <%@ Implements Interface="CuteSoft.Chat.....
    I tried to create a code behind file, and use:
    Using CuteSoft.Chat.IHttpApplicationConnectionStringProvider;
    However, CuteSoft.Chat in VS gave five option for CuteSoft.Chat, but iHttp.. was not one of them. CDQ, ClientTypes,Configuration, UI as choises.
    Also, I get Unkown servertag: CE:Editor and lots of other errors.
  •  07-19-2006, 4:53 PM 21087 in reply to 21046

    Re: Integrating CuteChat problem with global.asax

    Ok, solved this problem. The solution was to find a way not to just open the project in vs.
    Now, I can login to admin area.
    I have set up the connection string, and that works.
    However, just to test, I have tried to fill up the userlist by maually add users in Global.asax:

    ArrayList names = new ArrayList();
    return (string[])names.ToArray(typeof(string));

    This I have done in  ListUserUniqueName and SearchUserUniqueNameByDisplayName. In GetDisplayName and getuniquename, I put return "bareAre";
    When I access http://localhost:2127/Dating/CuteChat/CH_MainForm.aspx (there isn´t any default.aspx, and the manual doesn´t mention this, so I just assume that is my startfile). The chat opens and displays The connection to the chat server is lost: Invalid connection.
    The userlist is empty, and (Unknown) is displayed above the userlist.
    What can I do to fix this? I seem very close to the target, I now want to get something up and running since I have struggeled with this for a long time.
  •  07-19-2006, 5:24 PM 21088 in reply to 21087

    Re: Integrating CuteChat problem with global.asax

    You can create a lobby in the admin page , and then navigate to :
    Regards , Terry .
  •  07-19-2006, 5:49 PM 21092 in reply to 21088

    Re: Integrating CuteChat problem with global.asax

    Thanks, that did it.
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