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Problem installing on a shared server.

Last post 09-24-2006, 1:46 AM by techmatters. 1 replies.
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  •  09-24-2006, 1:21 AM 23010

    Problem installing on a shared server.

    I have had no end of problems trying to install this software which is supposed to be easy even for people with little .net experience (me). I've spent hours trying to get it to work in a subdirectory /chat/ and have given up and put it in the root against my better judgement. At least now I am getting "somewhere" with the install. 
    NOTE to CUTESOFT: please, if it doesn't work out of the box in a subdirectory, tell us!
    On to the current hurdle.
    Having loaded everything into the root and setting the connectionstring correctly (I hope - a bit more explanation on this would be helpful too) I now have the following error:
    Configuration Error
    Parser Error Message: Assembly security permission grant set is incompatible between appdomains
     Source File: machine.config
    Source error: [No relevant source lines]
    This makes me think there is some basic incompatibility between the shared hosting setup and cutesoft chat.
    Is there a workaround for this? The hosting company I have the "pleasure" of working with on this project are not very helpful in offering solutions, so I hope you can suggest something.
    I've been working all weekend on this and this is now quite urgent. Can you help?? Please??
  •  09-24-2006, 1:46 AM 23011 in reply to 23010

    Re: Problem installing on a shared server.

    After a bit of research I found that IIS would need to be restarted , due to that change of "trust level" in web.config. So for the moment I just removed that line.
    ALthough I expect that the trust level is important and will need to be set correctly at some stage. Perhaps an overnight restart might be possible.
    For the first time now I actually can see the chat page live on my website. Hooray!
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