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dropdown location

Last post 06-24-2009, 11:10 PM by yuvika. 5 replies.
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  •  12-15-2005, 3:58 PM 13941

    dropdown location

    Hi - I just downloaded the latest version... I used to be able to get the dropdowns to be inline with other buttons, but now, whatever I do, the dropdowns appear on a separate line...

    Is there a way to get them back inline with other toolbar buttons?

    Example - before:


    There is plenty of room for the toolbar to fit all on one line, doesn't matter where I put the drop down in relation to the other buttons, it's always on another line...

  •  12-15-2005, 4:27 PM 13944 in reply to 13941

    Re: dropdown location


    Have you clear your browser cache?

    If yes, please post your configuration file.

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  •  12-20-2005, 10:30 PM 14075 in reply to 13944

    Re: dropdown location

    Ok, I've cleared the cache, I still have this problem.  After mucking around, I have the toolbar looking like this, which approximates the original:

    The paragraph style is still on a 2nd line...  Here's my config file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
            <item name="Editing" value="false"/>
            <item name="Format" value="false"/>
            <item name="Insert" value="false"/>
            <item name="InsertAdvanced" value="false"/>
            <item name="InsertFiles" value="false"/>
            <item name="Relative" value="false"/>
            <item name="Tags" value="false"/>
            <item name="Verbs" value="false"/>
            <item type="g_start" />
            <item type="image" name="Cut" />
            <item type="image" name="Copy" />
            <item type="image" name="Paste" />
            <item type="separator" />
            <item type="image" name="Undo" />
            <item type="image" name="Redo" />
            <item type="separator" />
            <item type="image" name="InsertOrderedList" imagename="numlist" />
            <item type="image" name="InsertUnorderedList" imagename="bullist" />
            <item type="image" name="InsertHorizontalRule" imagename="rule" />
            <item type="separator" />
            <item type="image" name="JustifyLeft" imagename="left" />
            <item type="image" name="JustifyCenter" imagename="center" />
            <item type="image" name="JustifyRight" imagename="right" />
            <item type="image" name="JustifyFull" />
            <item type="image" name="Indent" />
            <item type="image" name="Outdent" />
            <item type="g_end" />
            <item type="g_start" />
            <item type="dropdown" name="CssStyle" width="80" RenderItemBorder="true" text="Paragraph Style" command="CssStyle" />
            <item type="image" name="Bold" />
            <item type="image" name="Italic" />
            <item type="image" name="Underline" imagename="under" />
            <item type="image" name="Superscript" />
            <item type="image" name="Subscript" />
            <item type="separator" />
            <item type="image" name="netspell" imagename="spell" />
            <item type="g_end" />
            <item type="g_start" />
            <item type="table" />
            <item type="image" name="InsertTable" imagename="instable" />
            <item type="image" name="InsertRowTop" imagename="insrow_t" />
            <item type="image" name="InsertRowBottom" imagename="insrow_b" />
            <item type="image" name="DeleteRow" imagename="delrow" />
            <item type="image" name="InsertColumnLeft" imagename="inscol_l" />
            <item type="image" name="InsertColumnRight" imagename="inscol_r" />
            <item type="image" name="DeleteColumn" imagename="delcol" />
            <item type="image" name="InsertCell" imagename="inscell" />
            <item type="image" name="DeleteCell" imagename="delcell" />
            <item type="image" name="EditRow" imagename="row" />
            <item type="image" name="EditCell" imagename="cell" />
            <item type="image" name="MergeRight" imagename="mrgcell_r" />
            <item type="image" name="MergeBottom" imagename="mrgcell_b" />
            <item type="image" name="HorSplitCell" imagename="spltcell_r" />
            <item type="image" name="VerSplitCell" imagename="spltcell_b" />
            <item type="g_end" />

  •  12-20-2005, 10:32 PM 14076 in reply to 14075

    Re: dropdown location

    Please put the dropdown menus in a separate group.
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  •  01-15-2009, 4:15 AM 47762 in reply to 14076

    Re: dropdown location

    I am using cute editor in which i have 6 dropdown's together. The dropdowns appear correct in browser, but design gets destorted when i open my page from How can i show all these dropdowns in 1 row???.The dropdown appears as shown in fig below, whereas the toolbar width is enough to accomodate all dropdowns in 1 row, but they shifts to next line after some width what culd be the issue???
    Anyone can help?? Please reply.

    Thanks and Regards
  •  06-24-2009, 11:10 PM 53488 in reply to 47762

    Re: dropdown location

    I resolved this issue by adding the 2 style's on my page.





    float: left;

    border: #dddddd 1px solid;


    .CuteEditorDropDown Span


    font: normal 11px Tahoma;



    Issue resolved.

    Thanks and Regards
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