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  • Re: Silverlight

    Hi Adam,&nbsp; the example you gave me works. Im using Silverlight 3.0.50106.0. I also tried with the latest version (4.0.50401.0). In both cases, I receive the same message. Im testing it on localhost.&nbsp;&nbsp;When im testing the controller not in the IFRAME, as in loading the source of the IFRAME in a page, the controller works. The only ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by rabelanger on April 27, 2010
  • Re: Silverlight

    After reading the post you linked, it is clear;y written, ''If Ajax Uploader detects SilverLight is installed on your PC, It will use the SilverLight solution''. This is exactly what I want, to use Silverlight (uploading large files). With silverlight installed, I get a message ''Please install silverlight v3 or higher'', and it is installed. I ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by rabelanger on April 26, 2010
  • Re: Silverlight layer shifted

    Im using the uploader in a &lt;IFRAME&gt; (not hidden tho, directly interacting with it), in firefox (3.6.3) and silverlight 3 &gt;, I get a message saying I need to install silverlight. I have the latest build (3.0 20100414).
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by rabelanger on April 26, 2010
  • Silverlight

    Which version of silverlight is supported by the ajaxuploader?
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by rabelanger on April 26, 2010
  • Re: Error "Silverlight : The upload is interrupted!"

    Similar question, does the ajaxuploader work with any version of silverlight? I have silver light&nbsp;4.0.50401.0 installed, works like a charm in IE6 but on firefox 3.6.2, I get a popup when I click on browse telling me silverlight is not installed.. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by rabelanger on April 23, 2010
  • Windows 2003 - flash upload

    Hi,&nbsp;&nbsp;Ive been reading around the post and i cant find a recent post on the status with using the ajax uploader using the flash upload type and windows 2003 with basic authentication. Flash is not supported unless anonymous access is enabled, which I cant have on my site. From what Ive read here ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by rabelanger on March 5, 2010
  • Re: Javascript CuteWebUI_AjaxUploader_OnQueueUI - List Count

    I just realized I return false on the CuteWebUI_AjaxUploader_OnPostback because I dont need one, which dosnt reset the control. I update my view with a web service on&nbsp;CuteWebUI_AjaxUploader_OnTaskComplete function, so i dont need a post back. Is there a around that?&nbsp;rafael&nbsp;
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by rabelanger on November 25, 2009
  • Javascript CuteWebUI_AjaxUploader_OnQueueUI - List Count

    Hi, &nbsp; I customized&nbsp;CuteWebUI_AjaxUploader_OnQueueUI. Everything was working fine until i tested with 2 multiple files in a row. If I upload a few files, my list count in CuteWebUI_AjaxUploader_OnQueueUI reflects how many files im uploading. If I do a second one, without refreshing, my total list count is the sum of both uploads. Is ...
    Posted to Ajax Uploader (Forum) by rabelanger on November 25, 2009
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