Installing Live Support for Community Server 2007

The following guide shows the steps to implement a Cute Live Support into Community Server application. If you haven't downloaded the software, please download the software copy from here.

1. Unzip file and copy CuteChat client files to the Community Server solution.

The following files/folder should be deployed to the root of your Community Server installation.

2. Deploying CuteChat.dll assembly and license file

The following files should be deployed to bin directory of your Community Server installation.

3. Setup database

Execute the Chat SQL file(SQLScripts\cutechat5.sql) against your Community Server to create the necessary tables.

4. Setup Live Support Operator application

The Live Support Operator application (LiveSupportOperatorClient.msi) should be installed on all operator's machines.

5. Logging in operator client using username "admin":

When you initially open the program you will see the screen below:

6. Create departments and assign CS users as operators

a. In the "Departments/Agents" panel, right click, click the "New Department" menu, then add departments.

b. Select the department, right click, click the "New Agent" menu, then add new agents.

c. If you want to remove the agent, please select the agent, right click, click the "Remove Agent" menu.