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FIFA 17 Winter Upgrades Work Way

Last post 12-28-2016, 2:11 AM by supodum. 0 replies.
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  •  12-28-2016, 2:11 AM 85273

    FIFA 17 Winter Upgrades Work Way

    If a player stands out in the real world, in such a way that his card becomes strongly outdated, Electronic Arts comes to justice introducing a new type of card.

    The Winter upgrades affect around 350 ratings that cannot go down. The gold cards are usually improved in 1 or 2 points, which is explained by the fact that they are only assigned to players who had a marked development and not to minor adjustments. Silver and bronze players are usually upgraded by at least 4 points, while in exceptional cases this upgrade can sometimes reach 15 points. The higher is the original rating, the lower is the boost.

    It is rare but the position of the players in these cards may change if, they played really well in a different position. If you want to buy them, you will need some fifa coins, just go to our site.

    FIFA 17 Upgraded Players Cards are physically identical to the originals, except on rating and stats.

    The things get more complicated when we try to explain what happens to IF cards during the FIFA 17 Winter upgrades. Different to what happens with the NIF cards, the IF cards released before the upgrades will be upgraded in the same proportion as those (but automatically) if an upgraded player’s new OVR rating equals or surpasses his existing first in-form’s rating. When an upgraded player with an existing IF gets upgraded across Quality tiers (eg. Silver to Gold), his lower-quality IF will not get an upgrade. According to EA, this is so "the IF card’s value and bronze/silver squads are not negatively affected". The goal is to preserve the in-form’s high value.

    To make the things more clear, we will take a look to a few examples of past years.

    Let’s take Aguero as example. He started the season with an 87 rating but in Winter Upgrades he got an 88 rated UP card. His 87 rated card stopped coming in packs as soon as the 88 rated one was released, but his owners were never rewarded with any upgrade at all because that’s only valid for IF cards. Since Aguero already had two IF cards as from that day, respectively rated 88 and 89, and since new OVR rating equals his existing first in-form’s rating, these were automatically upgraded to 89 and 90, which corresponded to the point upgrade his regular card received. Any potential future IF card would be rated over 90.

    For IF cards, the upgrades are a bit more complex, specially if players are silver or bronze. Let’s look to the Dele Alli’s case. His regular card was upgraded by 5 points, going from 67 to 72. Since both NIF and UP cards are silver, his IF was also upgraded but not in 5 points because it would mean going to the upper category.

    Jack Butland’s case is the perfect example. He received a 5 points upgrade, which made him go from silver (74) to gold (79). Since his NIF card and UP card are of different categories, his lower IF card was not upgraded at all, remaining at 74. However his other IF card was upgraded by one point, which is the difference between the UP and the IF card.
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