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How to Do with a Attacking Opponent in FIFA17?

Last post 12-15-2016, 2:56 AM by supodum. 0 replies.
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  •  12-15-2016, 2:56 AM 85261

    How to Do with a Attacking Opponent in FIFA17?

    If your opponent is attacking, never run with your players towards him. Select the CDM/CM and run back with him, even if the gap between you and opponent is huge. The AI CB will buy you time to catch up. If the opponent is about to break through your defensive line, select the CB, jockey until he gets near and then run WITH him.

    Never rush towards an opponent with the ball, run with him. By the way, if you need some fifa 17 coins for sale, just visit our site.

    I make this mistake ALL the time because I want to win back possession right away, which backfires. Be patient and be careful not to pull your center backs out.

    Remember, when you're running back with the CDM/CM, make sure you're covering the runs. You do that, and this becomes solid advice. If you're just running backwards, you'll be caught in no mans land.

    Take notice of who your opponent seems to get the ball to the most early on and select a player (usually CDM for me) and mark him. I find that most people (either consciously or subconsciously) tries to get it to their Star/favorite player often.

    If they have someone like SBC Costa, I'll usually try to mark him. Seems to frustrate some players and you can intercept more passes.
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