Cannot see chat rooms on the messenger

  •  10-26-2013, 11:19 AM

    Cannot see chat rooms on the messenger

    We are trying to evaluate the CuteChat software but so far stumbled upon some issues that prevents us to complete out small POC, also not enough documentation can be found over the .net


    Could you help us on the following: 


    1.  We were able to add rooms through the ChatAdmin but we cannot see the rooms on the Messenger. doesn't it happen automatically ?
         Also the link to the Admin is /Admin but in code it requires /ChatAdmin - is it the latest documentation ?

    2.  We succeed login with 2 different accounts but the don't see eachother. is this problem releated to the rooms ?

    3.  We tried to add a room that allows anonyous access but the messenger still ask only for signed in users.

    4.  Trying to access the admin redirects to login.aspx if the user is not signed in or an admin. Is it possible to change the routing to /account/login (we are using MVC)






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