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load the upload control dynamically

  •  06-11-2009, 9:21 AM

    load the upload control dynamically

    I have the upload control working on a page. I am now trying to load it dynamically. However the cancel and insert buttons css appear to be read only. How do I set these dynamically please?
    <attempted code>

    Dim CuteWebUIUploader As New CuteWebUI.Uploader

    CuteWebUIUploader.ID = "Uploader" & sRowId

    CuteWebUIUploader.InsertText = "Upload file"

    'CuteWebUIUploader.CancelButtonStyle = "Button"

    'CuteWebUIUploader.InsertButtonStyle = "Button"




    </attempted code>

    <html to be generated>

    '<div id="CuteWebUI">

    ' <div>

    ' <CuteWebUI:Uploader runat="server" ID="Uploader1" InsertText="Upload File" CancelButtonStyle-CssClass="Button"

    ' InsertButtonStyle-CssClass="Button">

    ' <ValidateOption MaxSizeKB="1024" />

    ' <InsertButtonStyle CssClass="Button"></InsertButtonStyle>

    ' <CancelButtonStyle CssClass="Button"></CancelButtonStyle>

    ' </CuteWebUI:Uploader>

    ' </div>


    Ian Pettman
    Ava producers of leading Temp Agency Software
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